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Our Passion is to Help You Succeed

A Company of Values and Principles
Honesty, reliability and premium service are important tools in building successful business relationships. At Washington Associates we focus on each organization wholeheartedly and exhaust every resource possibility, regardless of organization size or grant request.
Over the years Washington Associates has collaborated with many financial suppliers who provide financial backing for a wide variety of grant initiatives. This is especially beneficial when one source can only provide partial funding. Washington Associates can readily tap other resources.

As spokesperson and financial liaison between you and our many funding sources, Washington Associates will gladly do everything we can to help you ascertain the funding your programs and/or services need.

Washington Associates is especially thorough in the preliminary process when interviewing clients and reserves the right to reject a request for service if the cause is environmentally hazardous, physically unsafe, unduly biased or legally questionable in any aspect.

Our Story: Washington Associates History

Washington Associates was officially established in February 2002, but has been a work in the making since the late 80’s when the owner and CEO Kevin Washington started writing grants through the Urban League in 1989 to 1999.

Over a decade later, Washington has emerged as an experienced grant and proposal writer, with numerous successful grants to his credit, assisting churches, corporations, partnerships, small businesses and sole proprietorships to gain the essential financial backing they need to provide quality goods and services.

Washington is a 1983 Cheyney State University alumnus with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology- concentrating in Community Mental Health. After several years of counseling and helping his clients balance their lives, he began writing grants to aid economically disadvantaged individuals impeded by social setbacks and financial hardships. As the approvals began to multiply so did the satisfaction, knowing that he was making a difference.

Washington Associates is built upon the same principles and values Washington uses to govern his personal life. He’s a man of faith, a devoted husband and caring father.

Washington is more than a businessman.

Our Committment


CEO's Notes

" We go the extra mile to harness excellence in our writing for visionaries who trust we can provide wings for their business aspirations.

We have set our eyes upon a grand and noble sight: Your private collection of dreams – up and running - functioning like well oiled machines.

For years we have been pleased to quietly work behind the scenes helping you build strong financial foundations. We bask in immense pride having transformed many of your rough, unfinished thoughts into thriving, well orchestrated business strategies.

We see to it that you can rest easy, knowing your quest for financial support and dreams are in experienced hands.

So with square shoulders and head postured high, knowing that we at Washington Associates Build Brighter Futures One Grant, Plan and Proposal at a time."

Thank you for sharing your aspirations with us,

- Kevin N. Washington Sr

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Opportunities don't happen. You create them. - Chris Grosser

30+ Years

Grant and Business Experience

Over 10+

Awarded via Services

1000s of Projects Completed

And Clients Satisfied

Our Services


We Specialize in Serving:

  • Churches
  • Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Small Business
  • Sole Proprietorship and more

We Also Offer:

  • Grant Writing Seminars & Workshops
  • 501 (c) (3) Development
  • Business Development & Consultation Services and more

Grant Criteria Requirements

Ready to receive funding for your business, organization or service? We can aid in getting your business what it needs to be grant ready, including:

  • EIN- Employer Identification Number
  • 501 (c) (3) Status
  • By-Laws
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Business Plans
  • LLC's
  • Operating Agreements

Grant Fees

Grant Fees Are Based On Initial Contract Amounts:

  • Flat fee of $500.00 on all grants written for $5,000.00 or less, payable in one (1) lump sum upon signing initial contract
  • Flat fee of $750.00 on all grants written for $10,000.00 or less payable in one (1) lump sum upon signing initial contract
  • All Other Grants Are Subject To 10% Fee of Initial Contract Amount
  • Flat fee of 10% on all grants written for $50,000.00 or less, payable in two (2) lump sums. $950.00 payable upon signing initial contract agreement, remaining balance payable in one lump sum upon approval whether grant award is partial or full.
  • Flat fee of 10% on all grants written for amounts exceeding $50,000.00 payable in two lump sums. $1,500.00 payable upon signing contract agreement, remaining balance payable in one lump sum upon approval whether grant award is partial or full.

Fee Table

Seminars & Workshops Fee:
$50.00 Per Person

Articles of Incorporation Fee:

By-Laws Fee:


Operating Agreements Fee:

Business Plans Fee:

501 (c) (3) Status Fee:

LLC's Fee:

Pick Your Plan

For Longer Projects and Bigger Corporations

Basic Tier


Length 3-month

Included Services are:

- New Entity Development

- By-Laws
- Articles of Incorporation
- Form 1023 Federal Exempt

-Language for 1023 Form

- 2 Grants

Pro Tier


Length 6-month

Same as Basic


- 4 Grants Total

Partner Tier


Length 12-month

Same as Pro


- 6 Grants Total

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